Life is short. And the best things in life are the moments we share – with our friends, our loved ones, things and people around us, and with ourselves.

We started as a group of friends who have been traveling together for many years. Somewhere along the way we have discovered the wonderful world of tea. We fell in love with its magical ability to create connection and warmth, its rich taste and exciting aroma, its deep tradition and culture, and with just how good it is – for both the body and the soul.

Whether you need to stop and take a moment to breathe in the middle of a busy day – or to connect with friends – life is just better with a cup of fresh-brewed tea.

So we decided to combine our two passions – for tea and travel – and created TeaBay Global. Since then, we have been traveling the globe to find some of the highest quality, organically grown tea – and we can’t wait to share with you what we have found and what we have learned along the way.