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Yellow Mountain Green Tea (Huo Shan Huang)

Premium-grade, delicate green tea leaves from the Yellow Mountains of Anhui, China

Caffeine Level: MediumItem # 0033

$5.40 / 1 oz



How to Prepare

1 tsp/1 cup
1-2 minutes
7-8 infusions

WHAT IT IS This “Imperial Tribute” tea comes from the legendary Yellow Mountains of the Anhui region in China. Due to a special technique of covering the leaves before they are completely dry, the tea yields a special, bright yellow-green liquor. Yellow Mountain Green Tea can be steeped at higher temperatures than other green teas to allow for maximum flavor without the bitterness.

FLAVOR NOTES Characterized by its recognizable pale, straw-colored liquor, Yellow Mountain Green Tea has a fresh, peppery taste with soft floral notes, a hint of wheatgrass and a lingering sweetness.


  • Improve overall health with a beverage filled with various healthy bioactive compounds
  • Boost your brain function with a healthy combination of naturally occurring caffeine and L-theanine, an amino acid with anti-anxiety effects
  • Give your body a gentle, stable source of energy
  • Help your body lose unnecessary weight by gently increasing its metabolic rate
  • Reduce the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other diseases with this powerful source of free radical-fighting antioxidants
  • Improve dental health with catechins – molecular compounds in green tea which have shown to fight bacteria and lower the risk of infection
  • Lower the risk of Diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity and reducing blood sugar levels
  • Maintain cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol with antioxidants in green tea
  • Lower your stress level by enjoying a healthy, tasty beverage

BACKGROUND Yellow Mountain (Huo Shan Huang) green tea is highly regarded as one of the 14 most famous teas of the Tang Dynasty (618-906). The special technique of covering the leaves before they are completely dry yields a slightly yellowish color of the leaves and liquor they produce – which leads some tea experts to consider it to be in a category of its own, “Yellow Tea.”

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