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Milk Oolong Package - Loose Leaf Tea & Tea Bags

High-quality green tea naturally roasted for a smooth, milky flavor, tea bags and loose leaf tea in one package

Caffeine Level: MediumItem # 0036



How to Prepare

2 tsp/ 1 cup
1-2 minutes
195ºF / 90ºC
makes 100 cups


Milk oolong green tea is a High-quality green tea naturally roasted for a smooth, milky flavor

Caffeine Level: Medium


The difference between regular green tea and oolong teas is

the additional temperature treatment used to attain a special smoky,

complex flavor. Green tea leaves are rolled, curled or twisted – and then

are baked or roasted. Milk Oolong Tea consists just of the

temperature-treated tea leaves with no added flavors.


Milk Oolong tea has a smooth, smoky flavor which comes

from natural oxidation and roasting – which yields a complex taste that

many compare to milk or cream. This natural green tea flavor is what gave the tea its name.


This Milk Oolong Tea does not have any artificial additives

or milk products. The milk oolong tea has pure natural ingredients straight from natural source.

Our Milk oolong package has the same quality tea in it’s tea bags that you will find in loose leaf

for convenience and quick brewing experience.


• Milk Oolong green tea Improves overall health with a beverage filled with various healthy

bioactive compounds

• Give your body a gentle, stable source of energy

• Lower your stress level by enjoying a healthy, tasty beverage

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